Mapping Marketing Strategies & Tactics : The Marketing Drive ep 17

Often marketing strategies and tactics are confused.

Here are some tips that will help you to lay out Marketing strategies clearly, assigning tactics to them, then completing the circle by integrating that process into your reporting cycle.

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In The Marketing Drive Episode 16 we’re talking about:

  1. The difference between strategy and tactics.
  2. Making sure your marketing strategies align to business goals.
  3. How to map out your marketing strategy and easily assign them to tactics.
  4. Ensuring tactics achieve your strategic and business goals.
  5. How to be flexible enough to adjust your tactics when performance is an issue or strategies change.

I’ll be covering the latest and greatest marketing, business and start-up tips every day from the road.

Agency Life:

The ups, the downs of agency life. How to build your agency successfully.

Marketing Execution:

Every day we’re launching, reviewing and optimizing marketing campaigns.

Marketing and Business:

How to survive as an effective marketer without losing your sanity. Marketer Knows is a community for marketers who are in the trenches each and every day.

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