MacJournal Review and Tests

By Dan Nedelko

October 15, 2009

Last Updated on December 1, 2011 by Dan Nedelko

<p><img src=httpsdannedelkocomwp contentblogsdir1files200910nicole jax2jpg alt=nicole jax2jpg width=101 height=151 >Im testing out more MacJournal Stuff and it looks like my server time was set completely improperly <p> <p>Good time had to ssh in after digging up my cryptic passwords Now to test the upload without scheduling issues Im also going to default to the most simple option for image insertion <p> <p>Good ol drag and drop A few things are coming to mind here as I use this<p> <ol> <li>Image CSS needs to be imported I want to the able to add a left float to the post image not sure how to do this in MacJournal at this moment<li> <li>It would be nice to preview the image correctly in the editor<li> <ol> <p>Ok so posting went well and fairly smooth Honestly the full screen editor is fantastic Who would have thought that such a simple feature would be so damn useful<p> <p>To be honest I feel a little bit like Doogie Howser MD if you use MacJournal youll know what I mean The other nice thing is that this is more effective than most Word Processors <p> <p>Im liking MacJournal quite a bit so far Something else that might be handy would be a simple image or media manager That would be very handy for saving time<p> <p>Now for the podcasting test<p>

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