WordPress Desktop Client for Mac

By Dan Nedelko

October 15, 2009

Last Updated on December 1, 2011 by Dan Nedelko

<p>I spend a good bit of my time writing content for my various websites Logging into each separate WordPress or Joomla instance can be time consuming and annoying as good as web interfaces have become they are still no where near as responsive as a good desktop app<p> <p>Being a Mac user there arent that many fantastic options for blogging software Ive tried MarsEdit and a few others and was a little bit less than impressed<p> <p>One of my big requirements is the use of the WordPress Media Manager rather than having to upload images via FTP and inserting the images even if the app does this automatically it breaks thumbnails and forces me to log in to the admin which defeats the purpose<p> <p>So what are my requirements for desktop blogging software Heres my short list<p> <ol> <li>A decent and useable user interface<li> <li>Easy image and rich media handling<li> <li>Wordpress integration there is no point in writing a post then be forced to login to format edit and tweak the post<li> <ol> <p>Thats really about all that I require Now Ive been using MacJournal for all of about 5 minutes here and Im relatively impressed I especially like the full screen edit It removes any distractions and allows me to focus on the content I am writing rather than the Skypes MSNs Tweets Emails and Facebook Updates<p> <p>Im going to plug away with this software for a little bit and test out the image and media handling Do you use desktop blogging software Let me know if you have any MacJornal tips and tricks or suggestions for other desktop blogging software<p>

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  • I’ve actually been using w.bloggar and find it pretty handy. The initial setup is a bit tricky since their documentation isn’t the greatest but once you play around with it, it works like a charm. Reason we couldn’t get it working before I think was cause we didn’t configure the proxy settings. For a Mac user though, I’ve heard Ecto is pretty powerful and pretty popular.

    • I tried w.bloggar on my Windows laptop but find Zoundry Raven to be one of the best for a Windows platform. For my Mac (where I do 99.99% of my work there is nothing that comes close to MacJournal. In a word, It Rocks.

  • Mac Journal is the best of the Mac. Ive tried all others and have to say that WordPress client is good compared to most, but there are better programs out there for mac users.

  • Would you guys say that MacJournal is better than wordpress? I must check this out because you guys are giving good reviews for the MacJournal.

    • @SEO Los Angeles I wouldn’t say that MacJournal is *better* than WordPress. That’s kind of like comparing apples to oranges since MacJournal let’s you compose your posts on the desktop then automatically upload them into your blog (whatever blog platform you are using, WordPress or otherwise).

  • What a wonderfull post dude, thanks for sharing this. For sure i will check your another post later, i just bookmarking this site. Again happy posting

  • Now finally i have made my mind to move somewhere else from blogger as i tired with the same look with my blog but in wordpress or MacJournal i think i can shape up my blog routine wise, am i right.

  • Lowongan Kerja Terbaru says:

    Nice Info, i’ll try it 🙂

  • Mac Journal is the best of the Mac. Ive tried all others and have to say that WordPress client is good compared to most, but there are better programs out there for mac users.

  • I use iPhone WordPress app and althought I like it there is still missing a lot of the features I need. For me the desktop app is the same as logging into WordPress account.

  • For me the desk top app is the same as log ging into Word press account.

  • Is there a wordpress client that will allow me to edit parts of a post handled by plugins?- seo tags and background stuff offline -meta tags on all the pics ect

    (I travel and wifi is iffy at best most times). This is the most time consuming part of a post and if i have super slow free wifi, it can make these edits painful!

    I prefer Mac but with crossover and vmware it can be a windows app no problem. Any advice would be really helpful! Even if it’s a work around or apple script.

  • SmartXBlog is desktop blog editor for both windows and mac , it has WYSIWYG editor, image editor, online news, image and video search, drag and drop option, bookmarks , rss feed available from nearly 100 popular websites and you can even add your own rss, pop up alerts of your comments and you can preview and publish your post directly to your wordpress account .I think it is best available blogging desktop editor for windows and mac. Free trial can be downloaded from


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