Online Gaming Revenues Flat and Dropping

By Dan Nedelko

August 28, 2009

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<p>Well Ive said it before if you do work in the gaming space this recession has been fairly tough all around Contrary to popular belief people do not gamble more during tough times especially online They might drink more smoke more and watch more movies but logging on to deposit into an online gaming site is one of the first things to go during such a brutal recession<p> <p>Another significant point that needs to be taken into account is the credit crisis and crunch in the <a class=zem slink title=United States rel=wikipedia href=httpenwikipediaorgwikiUnited States>United States<a> Never before in the history of the US has the state of credit been so bad Im also not making this stuff up have a read of this <a class=zem slink title=BBC rel=homepage href=httpwwwbbccouk>BBC<a> article titled <a href=httpnewsbbccouk2hibusiness7521250stm target= blank>Credit crunch to downturn<a> to quote<p> <blockquote><p>The <a class=zem slink title=International Monetary Fund rel=wikipedia href=httpenwikipediaorgwikiInternational Monetary Fund>International Monetary Fund<a> IMF which oversees the global economy < S ILIN > <a class=inlineText href=httpnewsbbccouk2hibusiness7336744stm>warns that potential losses from the credit crunch could reach $1 trillion and may be even higher<a> < E ILIN ><p> <p>It says the effects are spreading from sub prime mortgage assets to other sectors such as commercial property consumer credit and company debt<p><blockquote> <p>This consumer credit issue has caused some serious ripples in the revenue forcasts for some major online gaming organizations In particular<p> <ul> <li>888com casino revenues fell 23 in H1 2009<li> <li>PartyGaming reported lossses in their Sportsbook operations and a flat line in Poker and Casino operations<li> <ul> <p>Being a marketer during a tough time like this makes life extremely difficult but my advice is to stay the course Do not shift gears quickly and continue building during an <a class=zem slink title=Recession rel=wikipedia href=httpenwikipediaorgwikiRecession>economic downturn<a> If you position yourself properly you will be far ahead when the market begins to recover and you will reap the rewards<p> <p>Make a quick myopic shift change and you will be taking steps backwards and be behind the game when recovery takes place<p> <h6 class=zemanta related title style=font size 1em>Related articles<h6> <ul class=zemanta article ul> <li class=zemanta article ul li><a href=httpwwwthestarcomarticle682712>IMF sees slow growth tax hikes soon<a> thestarcom<li> <li class=zemanta article ul li><a href=httpwwwdailyfinancecom20090826dispatches from the front cautious optimism in jackson hole>Dispatches from the front Cautious optimism in Jackson Hole<a> dailyfinancecom<li> <li class=zemanta article ul li><a href=httprzemantacomu=http3Awwwcbccamoneystory20090731imf united states world economyhtml3Fref3Drssa=6609490rid=146d2d0e 24b7 4392 a4da f912efabcc23e=8659cee4639fd02cb7b7eda932801ec7>US GDP to grow 2 by 2014 IMF<a> cbcca<li> <li class=zemanta article ul li><a href=httprzemantacomu=http3Awwwmsnbcmsncomid32233514nsbusiness stocks and economya=6605409rid=146d2d0e 24b7 4392 a4da f912efabcc23e=f44c4302c119ef4eb1630a825dd05a93>You Recession eased in second quarter data show<a> msnbcmsncom<li> <li class=zemanta article ul li><a href=httprzemantacomu=http3Awwwtelegraphcoukfinancefinancetopicsrecession5951759US slump is almost over IMF predictshtmla=6611585rid=146d2d0e 24b7 4392 a4da f912efabcc23e=e29f2cbfdba5c728dd6f51a0cae21503>US slump is almost over IMF predicts<a> telegraphcouk<li> <li class=zemanta article ul li><a href=httprzemantacomu=http3Awwwtelegraphcoukfinancefinancetopicsrecession6100500Eurozone recovery under threat as credit contracts againhtmla=7237663rid=146d2d0e 24b7 4392 a4da f912efabcc23e=426cb8925c1a8c259727bdcb7e4a8887>Eurozone recovery under threat as credit contracts again<a> telegraphcouk<li> <ul> <div class=zemanta pixie style=margin top 10pxheight 15px><a class=zemanta pixie a title=Reblog this post with Zemanta href=httpreblogzemantacomzemified146d2d0e 24b7 4392 a4da f912efabcc23><img class=zemanta pixie img style=border medium nonefloat right src=httpimgzemantacomreblog epngx id=146d2d0e 24b7 4392 a4da f912efabcc23 alt=Reblog this post with Zemanta ><a><span class=zem script more related pretty attribution><span><div>

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