Prague Spring Anniversary

By Dan Nedelko

August 21, 2009

Last Updated on December 1, 2011 by Dan Nedelko

<div class=zemanta img style=floatleftmargin 1em> <div> <dl> <dt><a href=httpenwikipediaorgwikiImagePraga1968MolotovCoctailjpg><img src=httpuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenthumb551Praga1968MolotovCoctailjpg300px Praga1968MolotovCoctailjpg alt=Prague end of August of 1968 Molotov Coctail width=174 height=150 ><a><dt> <dd>Image via <a href=httpenwikipediaorgwikiImagePraga1968MolotovCoctailjpg>Wikipedia<a><dd> <dl> <div> <div> <p>So today is the 41st anniversary of <a class=zem slink title=Prague Spring rel=wikipedia href=httpenwikipediaorgwikiPrague Spring>Prague Spring<a> Around my house growing up I had heard alot about it in snippets It became the subject of family gatherings especially after the adults got into drinking a bit to me it is a somewhat distant event that although is a huge part of my family never directly affected me<p> <p>So it was interesting that my mother decided to finally write the experience down in first person form I read it and it made it more real to me and definitely made it make sense to me on a more personal level<p> <p>Take a few minutes and have a look at her <a href=httpwwwmama knowscommemoriesmy prague spring memorieshtml target= blank>Prague Spring Memories<a><p> <p>Pretty crazy stuff and pretty turbulent time<p> <div class=zemanta pixie style=margin top 10pxheight 15px><a class=zemanta pixie a title=Reblog this post with Zemanta href=httpreblogzemantacomzemifiedb4dca14b 8561 4529 961f 754eaacbb72e><img class=zemanta pixie img style=border medium nonefloat right src=httpimgzemantacomreblog epngx id=b4dca14b 8561 4529 961f 754eaacbb72e alt=Reblog this post with Zemanta ><a><div>

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